toGO - Car Sharing of Cyprus | Short Term and Per Minute Car Hire
Flexible short term
car hire with toGO
Car Sharing of Cyprus
Round-trip from 5€ per hour
toGO like a rental car, but way better
Flexible per minute or trip packages rent of car which may be left inywhere inside the city allowed zone or airports.
24-hour rent
Take a car anytime you need it with 24×7 ascess schedule
Cost efficient
Fuel, parking and washing expenses, as well as maintenance, are taken by us
Easy to use
Book toGO cars using the mobile app and you're ready to go
How toGO works
Creating your account
Download our app or go to our website and click on the register button. Follow the steps and fill out your personal information.
Book and pick toGO car
Use the map on your app to find your most convenient toGO car and tap to reserve. Tap to unlock the car, start the engine and drive.
Return toGO car
At the of the trip, park toGO car in allowed zone and whats all. Money will be automatically written off at the end of rent from your credit/debit card.
toGO allowed zone and free cars
Our cars are located in Paphos city and airport as well popular touristics areas
35 cars for booking
Prices and Trip packages
Kia Rio
50/full day
Nissan Juke
60/full day
Nissan Qashqai
80/full day
1) In all prices and trip packages fuel and basis insurance included.
2) Price of minutes reates applies to the first 35 minutes of car hire.
3) Price of daily reates applies to car hire for more than 35 minutes (the price being the same for anywhere between 35 and 59 minutes).
4) Price of daily packages applies to car hire for more than 6 hours (the price being the same for anywhere between 6 and 24 hours).
All the prices
Most popular questions
We collect for you a series of most popular questions given by our customers. The rest you can search in question filed.
Am I insured?
Of course! Insurance is included in all toGO pricing.
All toGO cars are insured with the compulsory third-party liability.
Where can I go with toGO car?
You can take a toGO almost anywhere you like.
With toGO you can discover all territory of Cyprus and drive to any zone except Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). For example you can take a car in Pafos and leave it at any home zone in Polis.
Your toGO car cannot be driven on beaches, off road area, taken on ferries of any kind, on riverbeds or through floodwater.
Where can I park the car?
toGO is Cyprus first station based car-share. You can end your trip in any approved parking space in the Home Zone. This means you can take one-way trips across the city, as well as collecting or leaving the car at airport parking..
What if I need to refuel?
Fuel is included in your pricing, but toGO members take responsibility for fuelling the cars.
When the fuel drops to 1/4 volume of the tank capacity, go to Esso fuel station in Cyprus and fuel the toGO car. Fill a full fuel tank and pay with the Esso Fleet Card which you will find in the toGO car at the sun visor on the top of the driver’s side.
- Never fill up your toGO with diesel.
- Ending your booking with the fuel tank at less than 1/4 full can result in a fine.
- If the fuel card doesn’t work, please call toGO to have the card reset and/or receive instructions on how to use the card.
- If for some reason the fuel card still doesn’t work, buy fuel with your own form of payment. Submit the receipt and we’ll credit your account.
If you have more questions, please visit