Home zone

What is home zone?
Allowed parking area
Home zone is an area where you can end car rent. The areas you can park toGO cars are marked on the map in the app. When a car is in the Home Zone the trip may be started or ended successfully. In case the toGO car is outside of the Home Zone, a trip cannot be ended.
toGO allowed zone and free cars
Our cars are located in Paphos city and airport as well popular touristics areas
35 cars for booking
Where i cant park?
A trip must not be ended in any of the following prohibited parking spaces within the Home Zone
In any loading zone, or P time limit
Disabled or residence parking
Taxi or bus stops as well any other transport providers
In the territory for access to which it is necessary to pay for entry and/or Parking or any other territories of limited access
Parking lot with the presence of a barrier and a Parking card
Underground Parking lot or multi-level Parking
Private parking lot for access to which a permit is required (specialized or shopping complex)
Where i can go?
You can take a toGO almost anywhere you like.
With toGO you can discover all territory of Cyprus and drive to any zone except Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus).
Your toGO car cannot be driven on beaches, off road area, taken on ferries of any kind, on riverbeds or through floodwater.
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