Fee schedule

Additional fee
These fees may be charged from time to time in accordance with our Terms and Conditions
Reservation Length
15 min
This is how far ahead of time you can reserve a toGO vehicle before beginning your trip. Lapsed reservations return to the fleet, and repeated lapses may attract charges as detailed below.
Airport Surcharge
Surcharge payable on any trip that starts and/or ends at Airport.
Cleaning Fee
A cleaning fee charged when a vehicle is returned and toGO considers it to have been left in a considerably dirty condition and no notification had been to toGO regarding the dirty condition of vehicle.
Smoking Deodoriser Fee
For any vehicles returned smelling of tobacco or smoke residue.
Reservation Non-Collection
Fee payable for any reservations which are not cancelled before they expire.
Damage Administration Charge
Fee payable for processing any incident reports.
Infringement Administration Charge
Administration fee for identifying and processing any Speeding Fines or Traffic Infringement Fees.
Re-Fuelling Administration Fee
Administration charge payable for reimbursing a member for fuel costs where they elected to not use the toGO fuel card when it was operational.
Lost or Destroyed Fuel Card
Fee payable to provide a replacement fuel card.
Excess Kilometre Charge
Charged when a vehicle travels over 150km per calendar day on a single trip. Fee charged per kilometre over 150km.
Member Registration Fee
Fee payable to register and check your driver licence details.
Unauthorised Parking Fee
Fee payable for any vehicle returned to a parking space other than an approved parking space in the home zone. This fee is in addition to any parking tickets or infringement charges incurred as a result.
Vehicle Repossession Fee
Fee payable for a vehicle repossession event.
Loss of Use Fee
Fee payable in the event of an impounded vehicle or neglectful accident. Additionally, the member shall be liable for the corresponding daily rate for any days the vehicle is out of service.
Vehicle Relocation Fees
Fees payable for relocating a vehicle from outside home zone.
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