Carsharing prices

How we calculate the price of trip
Each time you use toGO, you will pay only for the time of the use of a car and kilometers driven. By pick up or drop off in airports zone we applies to the price additional surcharge.
The cost of fuel, basis insurance and parking in toGO zones is included in the rental price.
Take your toGO from a few minutes to a few days. You'll pay from when you unlock the car to when you end your trip.
Kia Rio
Nissan Juke
Nissan Qashqai
Minutes rates
Perfect for short trips around and across town
0,29€ +
0,31€ +
0,34€ +
Hourly rates
The hourly rate caps the minute price on longer trips
5€ +
6€ +
8€ +
Daily packages
The daily rate is convenient for several trips during all day
150 km included
150 km included
150 km included
1) All pricing includes basis insurance and fuel.
2) Price of minutes reates applies to the first 35 minutes of car hire.
3) Price of daily reates applies to car hire for more than 35 minutes (the price being the same for anywhere between 35 and 59 minutes).
4) Price of daily packages applies to van hire for more than 6 hours (the price being the same for anywhere between 6 and 24 hours).
5) >150 km for daily rates you pay extra 0.25€/km
6) Damage excess fee: €750 (Kia Rio), €900 (Nissan Juke), €1100 (Nissan Qashkai).
Airport surcharge
Take your toGO car one-way between the city allowed zone and Airport parking
one way trip
Planing longer trip?
Long duration rent